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Vigo::3D (or Vigo3D, or just Vigo for short) is a framework for simulating and visualizing of three-dimensional scenes. Vigo is being developed as a research tool at the ESD Group.

Vigo is currently a “beta” type of software. It is already with success being used for several graduate and undergraduate simulation projects. Anyone is welcome to use Vigo, but ye be warned, me hearties, you'll be on a bleeding edge.

Get a fresh copy of Vigo frequently!

Vigo is pronounced veeh-goh. The name is a simple abbreviation of “visualization of geometric objects”, but Vigo is much more than that!

Vigo was originally created as a platform for modelling of dynamical systems of interacting agents that move through a three-dimensional space, and perceive (“see”) their neighbourhood: objects and other agents. Based on the perception and related knowledge, the agents choose how to act. Most of our projects are simulations based on this premise and use Vigo accordingly. Vigo is, nevertheless, designed in a flexible way and allows other ways as well.

Vigo is written in C++ and uses OpenGL to render graphics. The code was developed with portability in mind. It currently compiles with gcc (4.0 and 3.3) and runs on:

  • MacOSX
  • various Linuxes
  • Windows with MinGW,
  • and other Unix-like systems.

MacOSX (Tiger) is our development platform, and therefore Vigo always works there. Time to time we compile and test Vigo on a Linux (Debian, Scientific Linux) and fix whatever problems might be there. As for Windows/MinGW: we do not use Windows as of now, so it may require some code tweaking on your part, but we see no reason why Vigo should not run there. The same stands for other Unixes.


Vigo is a software licensed under the Gnu General Public Licence (GPL). Briefly said, it means that:

You may:

  • distribute verbatim copies of Vigo, provided that you keep intact all copyright and warranty notices,
  • modify your copy of Vigo for your use, or create a software based on Vigo, and
  • distribute the modified version of Vigo or your work based on Vigo, provided that you (1) clearly identify what and when you have changed, and (2) that you license your work based on Vigo also under the GPL at no charge.

You may not:

  • copy, modify, sublicense, or distribute Vigo in any other way than said above,
  • modify or distribute Vigo, if you have not accepted the GPL licence terms,
  • restrict the terms of this licence when you distribute Vigo or a work based on Vigo,
  • incorporate Vigo into proprietary programs.

Vigo is licensed free of charge; therefore there is absolutely no warranty of any kind.

Vigo is a copyrighted software. See the file COPYING, that you have received with the Vigo distribution, for a detailed description of the GPL terms.